We have collected in this section a series of war propaganda posters of last century centred on the topic of the fight against food waste.
Beyond the historical testimony and the beauty of some of them, what we want to emphasize, by showing them, is the paradoxical relevance of messages. Paradoxical because the conditions are completely different: then they were justified by the scarcity of food that propaganda misleadingly tried to make up for through the exaltation of parsimony, savings and patriotism; today what justifies them is the overabundance of food that needs to find a more equitable distribution. There is, however, a feature that unites them: the call to abandon a merely individualistic behaviour assuming responsibility for common needs.




































KitchenVictory CucinaVittoria 




KriegUndKuche GuerraCucina 




KampfDemVerderb CombattiSpreco 

















































Hamsterin Accaparratore 




Hilfe Aiuto 




10Gebote 10Comandamenti 





Special thanks to Elvio Soleri, collector and expert on vintage posters, who oversaw the catalog and the caption of most of the material here exposed.



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